Are your clips free for both commercial and personal use?
Yes. You can find detailed info about license in LEGAL section of our website.

May I use your clips as part of my artwork?
Yes. It would be nice if you could mention our website in credits and recommend us to your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Is it OK when I use your clip on my commercial website?
No problem. As long as it is for preview purposes (for watching by audience). You may not provide our clips to download in any way.

Can I upload downloaded clip to YouTube or similar websites?
No. Not the clip itself. But if you create something unique (where our clip is not the main part of finished artwork), you are more than welcome to publish it. Please read LEGAL section for details.

Could I use your free clips as part of my artwork which I will sell to my client?
Yes. But you can not use our clips as part of re-usable template or of any artwork which will be sold via media stock marketplaces such as Envato or iStock.

If you need more explanation of free use of our clips, please contact support.

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